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Delivery made easy

fresh seafood, fast deliveries

LA AREA - Orange County - Palm Springs - San Diego - San Bernardino - Santa Barbara - Riverside - Temecula-


We've invested in the latest capabilities to meet your daily delivery requirements. We offer fast and on-time deliveries from Monday through Saturday.  You can place your orders by calling our customer service hotline or voicemail. Alternatively, you can email or fax your orders in for next day delivery. During after hours our voice message system will take care of your orders. If you forgot to order, you can contact our customer service center by 7:00am for same day delivery at no extra charge. Our uniformed drivers will be ready to deliver your products with our refrigerated vans.

Our vans are equipped with temperature controls to ensure that the products are kept fresh during delivery. Our logistics department tracks our vehicles with the latest fleet monitoring and tracking systems everyday to provide optimal routing, on-time deliveries, vehicle location, and driving history.