for the next GENERATION

We are committed in protecting the environment that we share with. In order to combat the rise of climate change, we have established several sustainable actions within our operations. Our sustainability initiative is aligned with the UN sustainable development plan, a global effort to lower carbon footprint, protect our planet, and reduce poverty. In the recent years, obesity has been on the rise in the US. We are constantly finding new methods by introducing healthier and fresh options with less processing products, more free range and organic options.  We have introduced several product lines including, wildly-raised Chinook Salmon from Canada, sustainability raised Tilapia, and Free-Range Chicken sourced from California. We take sourcing very seriously and we make sure that all our suppliers have seafood certifications for fishery operations.

Clean Energy, eco infrastructure, Clean ocean

We have implemented several measures within our state of the art facility in Downtown LA. These include installing  LED lighting in reducing the consumption of electricity. We strive to reduce food wastage by using most of the seafood that we receive from our fisherman. We source our products from vendors who put in efforts to reduce wastage by using environmentally friendly packaging and ethical-modern methods of fishing to protect our marine habitat. We strive to use recycled material paper when needed from our packaging, gloves, and aprons we use within our facility. Furthermore, we seek to reduce the usage of plastic packagings and wraps with alternative eco-friendly biodegradable methods.  We are aware that every part of our operation can make a difference in reducing carbon footprint and operational costs.


Being part of the Southern California community, we strive to give back to people in need in efforts to reduce poverty. We have implemented initiatives by providing to our local food bank in Los Angeles with charitable donations and participating with local fundraisers to raise funds for valuable causes. With joint effort we believe that we can create change to our environment and community.